2017 NIDEA Seminar Series

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Tuesday 7 February 2017
1:10 - 2pm

Dr Jeroen Spijker, Centre for Demographic Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona Campus, Spain

‘Population Ageing: The time bomb that isn’t?’

Population ageing has become a core policy concern because of the implications of current and projected population age structures for future economic performance and the viability of pension health care and social care systems. This seminar will briefly touch upon some of the conceptual and analytical issues that are relevant for a better understanding of population ageing, including how population ageing is caused, why society is (wrongly?) concerned by population ageing and ways in which it could be more objectively measured.

Presenter's Bio:
Jeroen Spijker is currently a "Ramon y Cajal" Research Fellow at the Center for Demographic Studies, a research institute situated on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. He obtained a BA (1994) with majors in Sociology and Human Geography as well as a Diploma in Applied Statistics from Massey University and a Master (1997) and PhD (2004) in Spatial Sciences (specialisation Demography) from Groningen University (The Netherlands). He has published on a wide range of research topics, including the epidemiological and health transitions, population ageing, the effect of education on marriage timing, family formation after widowhood and child custody arrangements.

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