He Pā Harakeke: Thriving Regions

Te Ngira Researchers:

Moana Rarere,  Dr.  Jesse Whitehead.


National Science Challenge 11: Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities


2020 - 2023

About the research:

Hutia te rito o te harakeke, kei whea te komako e ko?

In this programme we use the metaphor of pā harakeke for our communities, settlements, localities and regions. The pā harakeke represents our places, spaces and conditions that enable our communities to collectively endure and thrive as well and vibrant places, and equally focuses on the shoots of the flax as the centre of that collective. Thus, our metaphor sets the image of how the whānau and the community are the rito that sustain the vibrancy of the collective region.

The Thriving Regions research platform, which consists of Thriving Regions South and Thriving Regions North (He Pā Harakeke), will drive conversations about, and create substantive new knowledge that supports the development and regeneration of regional settlements, making them attractive, prosperous and liveable for a diverse population.

In the context of BBHTC, a thriving region is one that offers affordable and appropriate housing for all, suitable employment, equitable access to wealth, services and resources, and which allows all residents to participate in their communities, be productive and maximise their social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

The Thriving Regions researchers are committed to working directly with community stakeholders as they navigate change, determine their own aspirations, confront impediments to wellbeing and search for solutions to local problems and sustainable future pathways.