NIDEA Working Papers

NIDEA Working Papers and Reports are intended as a forum for the publication of selected papers on research produced within the Institute, for discussion and comment among the research community and policy analysts prior to more formal refereeing and publication.

11Stone, G., Collins, F.L., Praat, A., Terruhn, J. and Peace, R. (December 2021) Population Diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand: Insights from the CaDDANZ Research Programme
10Lee, S., Collins, F.L. and Simon-Kumar, R. (May 2021) Healthy Diversity? Workplace diversity in a New Zealand District Health Board
9Collins, F.L. and Pawar, S. (May 2021) Temporary Migration, Employment and Income Inequality
8Collins, F.L. and Nandedkar, G. (July 2020) New Zealanders in Australia: migration, life and aspirations
7Jackson N., Brabyn L., and Mare D. (Nov 2016) New Zealand’s towns and rural centres 1976-2013 – experimental components of growth
6Jackson N., Cameron M. (June 2016) The unavoidable nature of population ageing and ageing-driven growth - an update for New Zealand
5Craig, D., Bedford, R., Gegeo, D., Rodi, P., Miller, R., Friesen, W. (February 2014) Labour mobility and diaspora: An overview of Solomon Islands’ historical regulatory experience, 1850s-2013
4Cameron, M.P. (July 2013) The Demographic Implications of Climate Change for Aotearoa New Zealand: A Review
3Kukutai, T., Pawar, S. (June 2013) A Socio-demographic Profile of Māori living in Australia
2Jackson, N. (June 2011) Māori and the [potential] Demographic Dividend
1Jackson, N. (May 2011) The demographic forces shaping New Zealand’s future. What population ageing [really] means. (913kb)

PSC Discussion Papers

These discussion papers were all produced under the auspices of the Population Studies Centre (and/or Migration Research Group) prior to the Centre's transition to NIDEA.  Copies of items not online are available on request, email: [email protected].

Discussion Papers 2006 - 2010 (Papers 60 - 70)


Cameron, M. P., & Poot, J. A Stochastic Sub-national Population Projection Methodology with an Application to the Waikato Region of New Zealand. March 2010


Bedford, R., & Hugo, G. International  Migration in a Sea of Islands: Challenges and Opportunities for the Insular  Pacific Spaces. July 2008


Strutt, A., Poot, J. & Dubbeldam, J. International Trade Negotiations and the Trans-border Movement of People: A Review of the Literature. June 2008


Longhi, S., Nijkamp, P. & Poot, J. Meta-Analysis of Empirical Evidence on the Labour Market Impacts of Immigration. February 2008


Cameron, M., Cochrane, W. & Poot, J. End-user Informed Demographic Projections for Hamilton up to 2041. December 2007


Poot, J. & Sanderson, L. Changes in Social Security Eligibility and the International Mobility of New Zealand Citizens in Australia. June 2007


Poot, J. Demographic Change and Regional Competitiveness: The Effects of Immigration and Ageing. February 2007


Pool, I., Baxendine, S., Katzenellenbogen, J. & However, S. New Zealand Regions, 1986-2001: Hospitalisation and some Related Health Facts. March 2006


Pool, I., Baxendine, S., Cochrane, W. & Lindop. J. New Zealand Regions, 1986-2001: Dependency and Development of Social Capital. March 2006


Pool, I. & Baxendine, S. Population Trends, Convictions and Imprisonment: Demographic Divergence, Dichotomy and Diversity. February 2006


Pool, I., Baxendine, S., Cochrane, W. & Lindop. J. New Zealand Regions, 1986-2001: Labour Market Aspects of Human Capital. February 2006

Discussion Papers 2001 - 2005 (Papers 38-59)

Discussion Papers 1996 - 2000 (Papers 11-37)