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The eCounts? Project

The Ethnicity Counts? (eCounts?) project is a collaborative university-based research project that tracks how governments around the world count and classify their populations by ethnicity. Ethnic counting is a hot topic in many countries, attested to by ongoing debates in the media, politics, international forums, and academic publications. The main goal of eCounts? is to provide a solid understanding of how countries around the world engage in ethnic counting; how such practices have changed over time; and the key factors associated with change. This website has been designed and executed with a wide range of potential users in mind, including researchers, statistical agencies, policy-makers, journalists, students and advocates.

eCounts? Census Forms

The eCounts? project maintains a rolling database of population census forms from around the world.

Click here to find a form for your country. The forms are arranged alphabetically and the file name indicates which language(s) the form is in.

eCounts? Data

The main tool of the eCounts? project is a time-series database that combines census ethnicity questions over the past 30 years with economic, social and political data for more than 200 countries. Census data are coded across a wide range of variables including birthplace, citizenship, nationality, migration status, ethnicity, race, origins, language, mother tongue and indigenous status. Transnational migrant flows and growing ethnic diversity underscores the importance of a centralised database enabling detailed investigations of ethnic enumeration on a global scale. Data from eCounts? are currently being compiled and will be released for public use in 2013.